Hikes of 2017

This year has been special, as it was the first full year I've really enjoyed hiking. In the beginning, I still really enjoyed hiking but I didn't really understand what was out there to hike. I started looking into mountains in August of 2016, so that year wasn't a full year of my new found thrill. The hike that inspired me to start researching was Mt.Hale and Mt.Zealand in 2016.

Taken From Zealand Notch

However, this post isn't about my inspiration to hike. It's about all the hikes we did in the past year. Our first hike was Mt.Kearsarge and our last was Mt.Tekoa. When we did Mt.Tekoa, sure it was cool (that's not a joke it was 3 degrees) but it wasn't really individual blog worthy. I will be covering a few of the coolest hikes we did this year. These are oldest to newest and not best to worst.

Kearsarge North (6/1/17): Kearsarge North was an amazing hike. At only 3,268 feet it feels like a 4,000 footer. Just an ordinary hike to the summit is a pleasant experience, we didn't climb it at an ordinary time however. We were staying at Attitash the whole week and decided to wake up at 2:00 AM to do a hike. I picked Kearsarge North and we hiked up in the dark. When we reached the summit we were stunned to witness the most beautiful sky we had ever seen.
The Fire Tower On Kearsarge North

The sun was a bright, vibrant orange as it rose above the sea of clouds which surrounded every peak we could see. We saw Mt.Washington, Mt.Shaw, Mt.Chocorua and even Sugarloaf Mountain way out in Carrabassett Valley, Maine.
The Sun Rising Above The Clouds

Mt.Tom (6/27/17): Do not confuse this next one with the 4,000 footer in the White Mountains, this peak is the complete opposite. Well definitely not the best treated mountain (there are multiple antennae and old foundations) it had very nice views for Massachusetts. This peak is part of the long Metacomet Ridge going from New Haven, Connecticut to Greenfield, Massachusetts. My experience on the mountain was my first time on the Metacomet Ridge. We followed the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail when we did it. The trail utilized the old foundations of the burnt down summit house.
A Portion Of The Old Walkway Overlooking Easthampton

There are some very nice views from the ridge including from the sub-peaks of Deadtop and Whiting Peak. Deadtop had one of the highest and steepest cliffs I had ever seen.
The Cliffs On Deadtop

If you live in the Connecticut River Valley then this is a hike I would recommend. If you want to start hiking this is a good place to do it as most of it is ridge walking. There's one disclaimer, if you have a really bad fear of heights then do not do this hike.

Mt.Crawford & Mt.Stairs (7/9/17): Along with Kearsarge North and a few others this has to be one of my favorite hikes of all time. Both Crawford and Stairs are 52 With A Views. If you want open rock with great views for a shorter hike, then I would recommend Mt.Crawford. 
Some Ledges Off The Trail

Although Mt.Stairs only has one viewpoint, I still really liked it. It just felt like a 4,000 footer. Both peaks are some of the best in New England and I highly recommend them.
Mt.Stairs (Left) Gets Its Name From Its Distinctive Shape

Tumbledown Mountain (8/28/17): This was the last hike I did in the summer of 2017 and it went out with a bang. I honestly have no way of describing this mountain. I'll have the pictures explain the beauty of this peak.
The Peaks Over Tumbledown Pond
Tumbledown Pond From The Highest Peak

Not only is there an alpine pond with an island, but there is an alpine peak with herd paths where you can get away from the crowds of the other peaks and enjoy the incredible views. That's what we did, and we will definitely be returning.

Honorable Mentions:
Baldpate With Its Huge Steep Ledges
Burnt Hill In Carrabassett Valley Is A Secluded Peak With An Extensive Alpine Area
The Sunset From Bald Mountain In Weld, Maine
Mt.Hunger and White Rocks Rise Over Stowe, Vermont
Jay Peak and Big Jay Are Two Great 100 Highest

Of course I finished the New England 67 this year, but I will have a whole upcoming blog about my journey completing the list. All you need to know now is that this year I finished the New Hampshire 48 on Mt.Adams and the New England 67 on Hamlin Peak. I don't know what the next year will bring but  I want 2018 to not just be focused on reaching peaks but also going on adventures to new places. I already know of a few places I want to go. Happy New Year!


  1. Great write up. I can't wait to see what you plan for us in 2018!

  2. Hello, what a great blog, thanks for the knowledge and information. Your tips and information will help in figuring out what future hikes may interest me and what to expect while on the trail and at the summit. Please keep it coming, look forward to reading more!
    Rebekah S.

    1. Thank you! I make my blogs to save my trips and inspire others. I'm glad to see it's working!