Big Moose Mountain, on Moosehead Lake

This mountain marks the first time I've been to Moosehead Lake, and the first time I've climbed a mountain north of Route 201, outside of Baxter State Park of course. We were in the area on our drive up to Millinocket, so I figured it would be a good hike. I would also like to mention that this peak is on my Views of Maine list, which now has a website (here).

One of the several vistas from the summit.

Our approach included the Big Moose Trail, the only one that ascends the mountain. Most of it utilized the old fire tower road, with a few sets of stairs and brook crossings. Bridges cross all the brooks, and the trail passes by the abandoned fire wardens cabin.

The cabin is a little over halfway up the mountain.

Once on the ridge, a side trail leads to a large rock outcropping, with great views of Greenville and the summit of Big Moose Mountain. Another rock has minor views over to Coburn Mountain, Granny Cap, and Heald Mountain.

The first lookout, looking toward Little Moose and the 100 Mile Wilderness.

The trail continues moderately up the summit ridge, until it reaches the bald summit. A radio repeater is on the summit, along with old footings, and views towards the 100 Mile Wilderness and Coburn Mountain. Peaks that can be seen include Baker Mountain, Whitecap Mountain, Elephant Mountain, Borestone Mountain and the Barren-Chairback Range. On a clearer day, Katahdin and Mt.OJI can be seen.

Looking toward Moosehead Lake, Baker, White Cap, Elephant, and more.

The views don't stop there! After talking to a nice couple on the summit, we continued down the trail to the next antennae. After passing the building, the trail winds into a large ledge with a helipad, which offers an even better view of the 100 Mile Wilderness.

The same view, but from the helipad ledge.

We stopped there for a bit, then continued a tiny bit farther to the final ledge, which overlooks Mirror Pond and Mountain View Pond. Almost all of Moosehead Lake can be seen from this ledge, as well as Big Spencer, Little Spencer, Boundary Bald Mountain, and the enormous cliff on Mt.Kineo. Eagle Rock can also be seen.

Looking up at the summit from the first view.
The view over to Coburn Mountain.
The summit of Big Moose Mountain.
The view down to Mirror Pond.
The Spencers and Lobster Mountain across Moosehead Lake.
Mt.Kineo through the haze.

The mountain is gorgeous, and it sits in quite a unique area. I'll definitely be returning to the Moosehead Lake area to do The Spencers, Eagle Rock, and maybe Mt.Kineo. Hopefully, Greenville is far less crowded on a normal day. Remember to check out my new website on the Views of Maine, for a more in depth description of this peak and more.


  1. Great views Evan! You had perfect weather, well a little humid but the clouds cleared at the right time!

    1. Thanks for reading Kelly! A bit of humidity never ruins a hike for me!

  2. Evan, I enjoy your writing and photography very much! Sorry you had such a hazy day, as the views are so spectacular!

    1. Thanks for reading Brad! It's nice to be up there with a bit of haze then to just be at home!