Moxie Falls in the Winter

Moxie Falls is an impressive drop along Moxie Stream. The primary drop exceeds 90 feet, making it one of New England's tallest waterfalls. Many people visit these falls in spring and summer, but the falls are a completely different story in the winter.

The impressive drop of Moxie Falls.

Before we hiked to the falls, we drove around the small village of Lake Moxie. The town center was host to a few houses, a garage, a helipad, and possibly a meetinghouse. The area was completely desolate and silent, with the exception of the constant noise of the water passing through the dam on Moxie Stream. There were also pleasant views over to Mosquito Mountain and Moxie Bald Mountain, which is situated across Moxie Pond.

Welcome to Lake Moxie!
Another building in the center of town.
Mosquito Mountain towering above Moxie Pond.
Moxie Bald Mountain

Now, it was time to hike to the falls. The trail was busy, and the snow was high, but the trail was packed down and easy to follow. The path is a mile to the falls, and it made for easy walking. The trail then dropped us into the boardwalk area, which is home to several viewing decks looking out to the river.

Looking up Moxie Stream.

After continuing down the trail, we found ourselves at an impressive view of the towering falls. Large formations of ice framed the water as it loudly crashed into more icy masses below. After the drop, Moxie Stream continued to flow down a steep, craggy ravine, lined with several enormous icicles.

Moxie Falls. Notice the blue ice in the bottom right.
A closer look.

While these falls were impressive, they only marked the beginning of our three day excursion to Maine. If your in the area on a hot summer day, or even a cold, chilling winter morning, then you should definitely visit these falls, and the quaint town of Lake Moxie.


  1. Nice write up. Any idea why some ice is blue?

  2. Thank you for reading! In my research I found that ice appears blue when dense, as light cannot pass through, creating a blue look.

  3. Great hike evan!!! Now I want you and your dad to do a section of Patagonia together. You're a very smart kid with a lot of ambition. Make sure backpacker magazine covers your story sometime

    1. Thank you for reading! I'd love to travel to other locations like Patagonia, but I've got endless opportunities in this region!