Rams Tail Mill

This destination was in need of revisiting for a while. I've visited Rams Tail Mill about 5-7 years ago, and I remembered very little of it until today. If you've never heard of this place, or at least what's left of it, the mill was built in 1813 and spun wool. Now, the only remnants include stone walls and large foundations that can be found down old fire roads.

The back portion of the mill.

We parked down the road at an old cemetery with gravestones dating back to the early 1800s. The Barden Reservoir weaves throughout the forest in the area. A small cove was behind the cemetery, and a portion of it extends up to the mill.

The cemetery featured a plaque for a Civil War soldier.
Looking down Barden Reservoir.

After walking down Central Pike, we arrived at the fire road which brought us to the mill. If you decide to go, follow the fire road straight all the way down. The foundations of the mill is on your left.

Looking down an old road from when the mill was in operation.

One of the founders was Peleg Walker, who worked with the Potter brothers to run the mill. Walker would patrol the mill and ring the bell every morning to wake workers in the area. After an unknown dispute that took place between Walker and the brothers, he threatened them that they would find the keys on a dead man. On the morning of May 19, 1822, 35 year old Walker was found hanging from the bell tower with the key in his pocket.

From inside the foundation.

It is said that the mill is still haunted by Walker. Supposedly, you can still hear the bell ring to this day. While I didn't hear the bell myself, I did get a weird feeling as I explored all the foundations. It's pretty remote, especially for Rhode Island. We followed another fire road which lead to the water.

The road continues beyond the water.

A smaller foundation is across an old road from the mill. This building had a cement ramp leading up to what was likely a barn door. The cellar had several oil drums.

Notice the cement ramp to the right.

I didn't photograph anything paranormal, but when we visited this location before, my sister took a photo of my mom with an orb in the foreground. Maybe I didn't look close enough in these photos, but if you see something, tell me.

Bella in a foundation.
A random hole in the ground, likely used for storage.
The foundation with Barden Reservoir in the way back.
The same spot where Bella was standing earlier.
The outer building with a ton of rusted metal.
Looking down a rock wall.
A final shot of the ruins.

The mill itself burnt down in 1873, but in 1885, it became the only official haunted site in the state. Peleg Walker himself is buried a couple miles away in a small cemetery. The area is pretty nice, and the entire location is calming and eerie. If you're into history of New England, this place is worth a visit.

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