Sunrise from Mt.Parker

A year ago, I brought my dad on a trip he would never forget. If you've read my recap blog of all the hikes I did in 2017, then you probably already know about our first climb up Kearsarge North. On that trip, we arrived at the summit for sunrise, and we got a beautiful undercast view. According to my dad, this trip was even better then Kearsarge North, and the mountain we climbed happened to be Mt.Parker, and lets just say, we got a grand view of the changing sky.

The sun, as it rises above Sable Mountain and South Baldface.

I would like to give detail of the ascent, but we began the hike at 2:30 in the morning, when it was pitch black. We did walk right past the Cave Mountain Path without knowing. The ascent was gentle the entire way up, and it was easy to follow, even with just a headlamp. We made very good timing, as we arrived on the summit at 4:00. The summit area was dim, and the nearby peaks, like Mt.Resolution, appeared ominous in the dark sky.

Looking out to the distant horizon.

Clouds were hovering around the peaks in Jackson and North Conway. The summit area is peppered with large patches of flowers and ledge. It was a view like no other, as the clouds appeared like an ocean surrounding peaks such as the Doubleheads and Kearsarge North. We could see the Carters and Wildcats, but Mt.Washington was in the clouds. The pictures don't give the views justice.

Kearsarge North can be seen to the right with Iron Mountain in the center.

Once it began to brighten up, we thought we wouldn't be able to see the sun, as the clouds seemed to be obstructing it. Luckily, for a quick ten minute period, the sun poked out in between the layers of clouds.

The sun above the Baldfaces and Sable Mountain.

Now that the sky was lit up, we could see more peaks, including Mt.Crawford, Mt.Resolution, Iron Mountain, and Black Cap. Mt.Parker is quite the beautiful peak, and I'm surprised it doesn't get a lot of attention compared to other peaks on the 52 With a View list.

Mt.Resolution, Mt.Crawford, and Crawford Dome from Mt.Parker.
Kearsarge North, the site of our first sunrise hike.
Another picture of the sun.
The sun and the Wildcats and Carters.
Another shot of the Carters and Wildcats.
I couldn't take enough photos of the sunrise.
If you want an experience like no other, then climb a mountain for sunrise!

I would've liked to stay on the summit of Mt.Parker all day, but we had other things to do. I just can't get over how underappreciated the mountain is. I've heard whispers of a ledge on Mt.Parker that faces to the west, but I didn't exactly know how to get over there. If anyone has any info on how to get there, please comment below. I will 100% be returning to Mt.Parker, and hopefully one day, revisiting the sunrise (or the sunset from the western ledge)!

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