Hiking To Doubletop Mountain

Doubletop Mountain in Baxter State Park was our first target on our week long trip. While Katahdin is the most notable peak in the park, and the best to view, Doubletop is another very recognizable and marvelous peak to climb and view. The mountain can be viewed from many of the ponds in the park, and from the bridge going over Nesowadnehunk Stream.

Doubletop Mountain from Nesowadnehunk Stream.

We approached the mountain from the north, which would put us on the North Peak first. The mountain is also on the New England 50 Finest list. The name is deceiving, as the list is really about the 50 most prominent mountains of New England. Viewing Doubletop from other mountains makes this aspect clear, as the mountain rises just west of the main mountains in the park.

The high ridge of Doubletop from Mt.OJI.

The trail from the north is flat until you cross the brook, which starts the true ascent. We arrived at the North Peak, where we found remnants of what was likely a fire tower. From this peak, we could see the thin, steep ridge that would carry us to the South Peak.

The South Peak and ridge from the North Peak.

We followed the rocky connecting ridge between the two peaks. From here, we had a good view down to Nesowadnehunk Stream and the peaks just west of Katahdin. Some spots on the trail brought us right above the steep cliffs and drops of the summit ridge.

Standing on the brink of the ridge.

Once we arrived at the South Peak, we found ourselves with an amazing view looking out into the expansive forests of Maine. We could see Katahdin, The Brothers, Mt.Coe, the 100 Mile Wilderness, Moosehead Lake, and The Spencers.

The summits of North and South Brother, Mt.Coe, and Mt.OJI, with Katahdin behind.

We spent time on the South Peak, and then headed back to the North Peak, which is where we found a plaque dedicated to Keppele Hall. We also enjoyed the views some more from the North Peak, even though the South Peak is better.

Another grand view of Doubletop Mountain.
The ridge, with the Spencers to the right and 100 Mile Wilderness to the left.
The northern peaks of Baxter State Park.
The bare ridges of The Traveler in the distance.
Looking back down the ridge from the South Peak.
The 100 Mile Wilderness to the south.
Katahdin and others from the South Peak.
The plaque dedicated to Keppele Hall.

This mountain was one of many peaks we climbed during our trip to Baxter State Park. Along with being on the New England 50 Finest list, this mountain is on my 42 With A View list, which is still a work in progress. This list can be found atop my blog. At the end of it all, I did have a good time climbing this mountain, and it definitely deserves a spot on 42 With A View. If you have spare time in the park, this is worth a visit.


  1. I enjoyed climb g Double Top in the fall. The views were amazing with the colors! Wish I could share my pictures with you.

    1. Thanks for reading Kelly! It truly is a beautiful mountain!