Pine Cobble and Tannery Falls

While a hike may not be the best idea on a hot and humid day, I'm not here to make the best of choices, I'm here to explore. Haze and heat will not deter me, and through it all, my dad and I were still capable of finding amazing locations in western Massachusetts. We were to venture to the rocky summit of Pine Cobble, and that was the plan, but because of the immense heat, we chose to visited the towering cascade known as Tannery Falls.

Looking east from Pine Cobble.

We started with Pine Cobble, and used the Pine Cobble Trail. The peak itself is part of East Mountain, which is the sight of the Appalachian Trail and the southern terminus of the Long Trail, which can be found just over the border in Vermont. The trail up to Pine Cobble is decently flat, and well maintained. Not much of anything can be found on the trail, besides the junction with the Class of '98 Trail. The path easily brought us to the spur trail that heads out to the summit, and it didn't take long for some far-reaching views.

Looking over Williamstown and out to the Taconic Crest.

The views to the west included the Taconic Crest, which includes Mt.Raimier, Dutch Hill, and Mt.Berlin. It also offers a good overlook of Williamstown. A better view can be found to the east, viewing North Adams and the Hoosac Range, which included Spruce Hill.

The flat summit to the right of the tree is Mt.Berlin. The peak to the right is Mt.Raimier.

There were some more ledges to explore, but it was so humid that we headed back down. We then drove over to Tannery Falls, in Savoy Mountain State Forest. The falls are right off of Black Brook Road, which is on the Mohawk Trail. Tannery Falls itself is 80 feet tall, and they are very impressive. On the way down, we passed by a few falls on the brook.

One of the unnamed falls on Parker Brook.

The trail soon passes just outside of a deep ravine that Parker Brook flows through. The falls at the end of the ravine are known as Parker Brook Falls, and they're pretty okay. The water in this stream is very warm, likely due to it flowing from a pond.

Parker Brook Falls

We came across the amazing cascades of Tannery Falls soon after. The unique thing about these falls is that a large pool sits at the very bottom of the falls, but a secret pool sits halfway up the falls in a hidden pothole. This makes for a great, high up swimming pool. Tannery Falls is also great to just look at.

The 80 foot cascade of Tannery Falls.

The swimming pool sits right in the very middle of the falls, and it offers a good view looking back down to the pool at the bottom. The water was also pretty comfortable and easy to adjust to. A steep trail ascends to the pool.

Another waterfall on Parker Brook.
Looking down the ravine.
Another angle of Tannery Falls.

Overall it was a delight and easy day. I wish we could've explored Pine Cobble more, but it was very hot. If you find yourself on the Mohawk Trail on a hot day, then visit the falls, there are multiple nice swimming areas. Next hike I do in western Massachusetts, I will probably find myself relaxing back at Tannery Falls.

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