Exploring Livermore

One of the most well known ghost towns in New England can be found right along Sawyer River Road in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This town is known as Livermore, a logging town that was able to survive from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. What was once a thriving village nestled in the Sawyer River valley, is now a mossy set of ruins, a soon to be overgrown landscape of rusted metal and cracked bricks. One that will be forgotten very soon...

The ruins of Livermore...

Along Sawyer River Road can be seen many ruins offset into the woods, which marks the remains of the town. High above the road can be found several stone foundations, and many rusted artifacts that lay just below the leaves. It's hard to imagine that houses once stood here.

One of the foundations.
Looking into the foundation.
A wagon wheel.

Just below can be found the sawmill, which is now just a pile of mossy bricks. The floors have rotted through, exposing the rugged grounds beneath. The foundation has begun to crumble, and only one wall still stands.

This is all that's left...
The foundation.

Right beside the brick foundation can be found the rest of the mill, which can be located by following a series of cement footings. The foundation is much easier to follow here, and many rusted oil drums and pipes can be found scattered throughout the base.

The remains of the sawmill.
The mossy ruins.
As seen through the trees.
Looking down the southern wall of the sawmill.

Sawyer River is a short walk from here, as it flows right below the foundation. As we walked along the river, we found numerous artifacts, and the sites of many old bridges and the railroad tracks. Up the road a bit further is another cement foundation, which has held up better than the rest.

Sawyer River
The last foundation.

With the sky giving way to rain, and the air beginning to cool down, it was time to head out. There is much left to explore here, but with summer coming, many of the ruins will be hidden under ferns and under growth for the next few months, making it hard to navigate the area. Who knows what can be lying right beneath the ground.

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  1. This is really cool! I love the old abandoned ruins & foundations... so fascinating to see and think of what it must have looked like way back when... and all the energy that was there at one time...

    Thanks for sharing - patiently waiting for your next one...