Sunrise from South Moat Mountain

If we're going to be in New Hampshire for a whole week, than we have to see a sunrise from atop a mountain, that's just what we do. Since we were in Bartlett, there's no better mountain nearby to do a sunrise from then the Moat Mountains, specifically South Moat. This is a very popular peak to climb to, due to its relative ease and convenient proximity to North Conway, the vacation capital of the White Mountains. With an open, bald summit, it was a perfect choice for the occasion.

Sunrise from South Moat.

After arriving at the trailhead, we quickly ascended the mountain. The trail was easy to follow in the dark, and after passing through the forest for a while, ledges began to appear, and the horizon was brightening. Soon, the trail climbed along the southern ridge, then brought us to the summit. The sun appeared soon after.

The sun rising just behind Hurricane Mountain.
More of the sunrise...

It's no wonder South Moat is a popular hike, as nearly every peak in the White Mountains can be seen. Such peaks include Black Cap, Kearsarge North, The Baldfaces, Carter Dome, Carter Notch, Wildcat Mountain, Mt.Madison, Mt.Washington, Iron Mountain, North Moat, Mt.Willey, Mt.Nancy, Mt.Bond, Mt.Carrigain, Mt.Chocorua, Mt.Shaw, and even Mt.Pleasant in Maine.

Looking up to North Moat and Mt.Washington.
Looking into the Sandwich Range and Mt.Chocorua.
Looking south from the summit.

Mt.Washington, and many of the other peaks in the Presidential Range, still had large groupings of snow upon them. The colors of the sunrise were beautiful as usual, and with the sun rising higher and higher, it was time to begin our descent.

Kearsarge North stands tall in front of the sunrise.
Looking north once again.

Sunrises are always beautiful, with the low lying clouds, orange skies, and perfectly lit ridges and distant peaks, it's no wonder we continue to climb mountains in the hopes of seeing them. Let's hope we have more sunrises to come...

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